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Be Alert to Know Your Marketplace

My wife and I are so very fortunate to have recently celebrated our wedding anniversary again for the 16th time. We latched onto the end of an awesome business marketing event and ended up in a sweet suite on the 5th floor directly facing the ocean at Marco Island, FL.

While recently sharing the adventure with a new client, he said “I’ll bet you were thinking of us agents while you were there”. Well…just so happens I was.

Here’s the marketing lesson I encounted while in the lobby. This is a true story. I was standing there and these gents were actually discussing their car insurance of all things! Can you believe it?

Having trouble viewing this video – Click Here.

The second lesson reiterated-always carry your camera, you never know when you’ll need it.

Good luck on implementing, executing and taking action this week! Share with us what is working and not working.

One thought on “Be Alert to Know Your Marketplace

  1. Hey Gary, You know I was so excited about the back and forth, I forgot to ask! Trust me, people like that are all over the place. Just gotta find ’em. Keep asking!

    Mike Stromsoe

    PS They also have to be in some slight pain or higher to usually raise their hand quickly

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