How Often Do You Hit The Wall?

Recently I was on my Saturday morning group bicycle ride when, at about the 54 mile mark, a long-term friend of mine, who rode with our group for the first time that day, suddenly slowed down and said “I’ve hit my wall”.

I didn’t really think about what he meant by hitting the wall until we finished the ride and I was driving home. Here it is, a few days later, and I’m still thinking about, and I’ve also shared with many of my colleagues in various industries, my thoughts about “the wall”.

The significance of hitting the wall in anything that we do has been on my mind ever since. Why is this a critically important factor that we must strongly consider in our every day lives? You see, my friend at the 54 mile mark, had given it everything that he had. He dug as deep as was possible within his body, and asked his body to respond. At the 54 mile mark, he had no more. Just imagine if we put forth kind of effort in our businesses or charitable contributions every single day! What would the results be like? Would it be bigger than you ever thought possible?

I challenge you today to go out and hit your wall every single day, in everything that you do. One other thought. What if you’re feeling like, well I don’t necessarily want to hit the wall based on what I’m doing? Well, I would encourage you to change what you are doing and spend the majority of your time in the area that you’re most passionate about or sometimes what we call your personal gift. Working in the area of your passion the majority of the time will accelerate you and help you hit the wall in everything that you do.

I hope this helps you create the life of your dreams. Make a difference and be unstoppable.


  1. Sean McCreary on August 27, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    Hi Mike,

    Do you hit the wall in everything you do? That is such a brilliant mindset for running a business or a charity or spending time with family, etc. I’ve ridden bike races, run triathlons, skied steep snow covered peaks, etc with the attitude of absolutely pushing my physical abilities to the max. I think that’s an easy concept that many of us grasp.

    But translating that idea over to running my business is something that I hadn’t considered before. So I set aside the parts of my business that I’m most passionate about for today. I set out to “Hit the Wall” and let me tell you what happened.

    Each project I worked on today has given me more energy to move on to the next. Because I worked on the things I liked to do, I felt like I could go on forever. Lesson…hand off the things you don’t like to someone who has passion for them. Focus on the things you like, are good at, and give you energy. My business will explode if I can maximize this concept.

    Thanks for bringing it up. It’s great motivation to move the business along!

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