Are You Fishing for The First P?

Are You Fishing for The First P?Locating the candidate pool or “pond” where you are going to fish for your new team members can at times be a frustrating task.

We’ve used all of these sources listed below in some combination to find new team members and agents. There is never a time in your business when you should limit the number of ways you seek out new team members:

Network/Word of Mouth. Reach out to anyone and everyone who may be or know a qualified candidate. We consistently strive to put out feelers to our existing contact lists, friends, family, neighbors, clients, COI’s (centers of influence), and anyone else we know or do business with. 

Job Websites. Post ads on pages like,,, and other online job-hunting sites. Take advantage of all that the web has to offer, but online postings should not be your only means of recruiting.

Social Media. All forms of social media are an option. Post messages on your Facebook business fan page about career opportunities, LinkedIn, and take advantage of your Twitter following to spread the word about your organization and the possibilities it offers.

 Outsourcing. Headhunters or employment services are an option, but such outsourcing will require a sometimes-significant financial investment. However, it may be worthwhile since excellent team members can be worth their weight in gold.

Targeted Lists. There are countless ways to procure names and contact information. With the right purchased list, you can start a targeted direct mail campaign to a database of targeted prospective employees.

 Past Hires. You can even look to your previous superstar team members. I have re-hired some of my former employees as remote or virtual staff, and it has worked out exceptionally well.

Most importantly, “Always Be Recruiting”!

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