March 3, 2017 is National Employee Appreciation Day

March 3, 2017 is National Employee Appreciation DayAs an employer, it is your job to make sure that the morale of your employees stay as high as possible in order to get the most out of them.

National Employee Day is a day in which employers should really consider taking time to show their appreciation to their employees. It’s a good idea because without employees and their hard work, our business cannot go anywhere nor be successful. The only problem with National Employee Appreciation Day is that many employers are unsure how to celebrate it. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding National Employee Appreciation Day.

  1. How can I appreciate my employees in just one day?
    You’re not supposed to fit all appreciation in one day. It’s simply a reminder of the impact that appreciation can have every day! (You don’t only tell your spouse you love them on Valentine’s Day, do you?)
  2. What do employees expect?
    The holiday is so new that employees are unsure as to what to expect. They may expect, at the very least, a complimentary lunch. The important thing to do is ensure that you are sincere in the way you celebrate it.
  3. Is it necessary to celebrate?
    Is it necessary to celebrate your child’s birthday? Is it necessary to tell your spouse you love them? Intrinsically, those things hold no value. The value we place on them gives them meaning and because we care about them, we do those things. Likewise, you should care about your employees if you want them to care about you and your business.
  4. What should I do to celebrate?
    – Throw a party at the end of the day.
    – Give them the day off or allow them to work from home.
    – Everyone loves free food, so buying lunch for them would be a welcomed treat! Just remember that through personal or religious reasons, not everyone eats meat. Make sure there are plenty of vegetarian options for these employees.

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