Your Guide To Starting A Business While Working Full Time

How to: start a business without quitting your full-time job.

All too often, people look at entrepreneurism as a huge gamble. You have to give up all of your financial stability to start your own business – right?

Actually, it is possible to start your business while still working full time, you just have to make sure you handle it well. When you keep your full-time job, you can leverage your bosses and colleagues for professional advice and, obviously, keep a paycheck coming your way.

How do you get the best of both worlds? Start a business while working full time by following this guide.

  • Be Honest To Your Company: It’s not just unethical to do work for your new business while you’re on the clock for your current company, it can also have far-reaching negative implications. For starters, you can get fired. Even more problematic, though, is that your company can claim ownership of anything you did on their time.
  • Be Honest To Your Supervisor: It might seem risky to tell your supervisor that you’re planning to start your own business, but it’s much better to have control over how he or she finds out than it getting to your supervisor through the rumor mill!
  • Be Honest To Yourself: Don’t burn yourself out. If you’re feeling exhausted working full-time, then coming home and plugging away on your new business, let yourself take a break or get the help you need. If you burn yourself out before you even get started, your business will struggle.

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