Tried-And-True Training Tips

Setting Your Staff Up For Success

When you are a busy small business owner, it can be tempting to let your new employees hit the ground running. With all of the things you have to worry about in your normal day-to-day operations, you may feel that taking time to formally train your new hire would be the best use of your time. Failing to do so, however, could create a struggle with employee retention. To help business owners build—and keep—their best staff, here are some employee training tips.

  • Hire Smart: The training process is going to be much more effective and go much quicker if you hire people who are self-starters. When you have someone who is driven to learn, training them becomes more of a guidance than hand-holding process, freeing up more of your time even as you pour into your new hire.
  • Tap Your Team: Fortunately, you do not have to be the sole person offering guidance to the newest member of your team. Ask your other employees to get involved. Having your new hire shadow the staff member in the role closest to theirs can be a great way to use everyone’s time and resources, for example.
  • Use Tools: Training can start to feel tedious after a few days of repeatedly saying “Do this.” To get more creative and more effective with your training, utilize online resources and the power of your own position. Positive feedback from you can help encourage productive behaviors in your newest employee.

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