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Identifying Weaknesses In Order to Strengthen Yourself

One of the most difficult things to do is to admit to yourself that you are not good at doing something, even that you are terrible at it. This is particularly true if your weakness is in an area that is important for you. Maybe it is an aspect of your job, or a skill that you wish you could master, but just can’t. Many people will try to rationalize their weaknesses or simply deny that they have them at all. This is the worst thing that they can do.

It is important to acknowledge your weaknesses, to actively search them out, in order to turn these weaknesses into strengths. There are two key ways to identifying your personal weaknesses so you can start to strengthen them:

  • Review your past failures. History is the best way of predicting the future. Examine what you failed at doing, and why.
  • Notice what you avoid doing. Often we avoid doing the things that are difficult. Notice what you avoid doing to find where you are weak.

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