Top Causes of Employee Turnover

Unhappy employees are less efficient and are more likely to leave your company, but to reduce employee turnover, you have to know what causes employees to quit. Check out these top five reasons employees leave, so you know how to keep your employees happy.

Reasons for Employee Turnover

The number one reason employees quit their job: lack of opportunities and growth. In 2011, 30 percent of people who quit their job, quit because their current job wasn’t offering them the opportunities or development they needed. Other reasons include:

  • Inadequate compensation (28%)
  • Boredom/no challenge (27%)
  • Poor work/life balance (20%)
  • Job stress/unfair treatment (20%)

What You can Do to Reduce Employee Turnover

From this list, you can see that two of the top five reasons for employee turnover are similar: no room to grow and no challenge. Employees want a job that forces them to develop new skills and gives them a challenge, but they don’t want something that causes stress or disrupts the balance between work and life. The best way to deal with this is by talking with your employees and actively listen to what they want.

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