How Workplace Collaboration Benefits Companies and Employees

The old saying "two heads are better than one" has been around for a long time. Today it’s known by a more modern term, workplace collaboration. The Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program promotes collaboration based on tips from Kevin Gazzara, DM, a faculty member from the University of Phoenix, School of Business.

 Gazzara has authored a book entitled The Leader of Oz: Revealing the 101 Secrets of Marvelous Leadership for the 21st Century. Gazzara, entrepreneur and business leader for 30 years gives tips for collaboration, saying that it is a win-win for businesses and employees. It is necessary for true efficiency. 

 He says that “Managers should provide the structure of how to achieve management’s targets. Collaboration makes the most of everyone’s knowledge and effort and results in a faster time to market for goods and services. 

Gazzara advices that collaboration is needed to keep up with advanced technology and fast-paced global competition.  Team players with diverse strengths and abilities can accomplish more tasks and a bigger variety of them. This ensures keeping up with fast marketplaces. 

Gazzara says that workplace collaboration goes beyond job descriptions tapping into team players varied abilities. He gives an example of how he used neogiating skills along with his managorial skills in the past. Consequently, team members develop cross-functional skills. 

Finally, Gazzara maintains that the benefits of workplace collaboration results in results in employee retention. 

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