Working on Improving your Strengths

Performance in life and work is measured by the ability to achieve results.  Strengths are those qualities that enable a professional to complete a wide variety of tasks that work together to reach goals.  In many instances, multiple strengths are present.  Dramatic improvement in performance requires improving your strengths.

Professional skills can be compared to major muscle groups in the human body.  The desire for a great set of abs requires significant work on the surrounding muscular structures that offset the abdominal muscles.  Performance strengths require the same development of complementary strengths to enhance the overall results. 

Broad Skills that are Considered Strengths

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Problem solving
  • Results-driven
  • Innovative
  • Communicator
  • Strategic vision
  • Inspirational

Each of these strengths can be enhanced for superior performance through identifying supporting skills.  Additional effort to improve the primary skill will be limited without understanding how other skills work to create significant improvement.  The right combination of skills in the strongest performance area can open doors of opportunity for the growing professional.

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