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AMF: Always Moving Forward

Fear of not obtaining perfection can hold people and companies back. But the perfect outcome is protean and pliant. Action is the thing that energizes and engages. Once a product or plan is actualized and is gaining momentum, then it can be changed and modified. The good can be made better, but if you are holding back until the ideal is real, then you may very well miss something that is perfect — opportunity. This philosophy is what drives the Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program.

Failure is only failure if you walk away from the experience without learning or changing from the outcome. Some of the biggest failures, from the advent of penicillin to the discovery of champagne came about because their inventors set out for one goal, then when they saw what they had, they drew upon that success. Then there are things that came from a specific plan, from computers to cars, and are continuously improved upon; what was good was made great. Start where you are. Be fearless; failing is one of the paths to getting to where you need to be.

Start with drive, discipline and motivation. Do the work. Listen to feedback. Learn from your results. Fine tune. Discover what works and build on it; even if that means failing in the original attempt. Encourage yourself and the people on your team fail forward, to keep moving forward, and to grow towards success.

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