Hiring the Gifted Team-Part Two

How are things going with your gifted team? Is everyone working towards common goals and firing on all cylinders?

In part one of Hiring the Gifted team, we talked about the ad to draw your employee prospects to you. Keep in mind so far you have not talked to anyone. They have found you. At the end of your ad, there is a toll-free phone number the prospects are to call.

Here’s part two – when the team member prospects call the toll-free number, they will hear a 3-4 message recorded by you in your own voice. In the message, you will tell them about the job, a little bit about your company history, they will hear the compassion and leadership in your voice and more. At the end of this recorded message, you will give them an email address. The prospective team member will send an email to your email account that contains an autoresponder.

Again, so far, you have not talked to any prospects.

In part three, I’ll show you the exact copy that I drop into our autoresponder.

Until then, make a difference and be Unstoppable!

PS Gmail can help you with the autresponder for FREE in less than 2 minutes

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