Your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED or What?

When it comes to guarantees, infomercials immediately come to mind. They have a product they want you to try and do whatever it takes(which I like, the “whatever it takes” part). Normally informercials will offer a very strong guarantee on their product. What is your guarantee? Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is and stand up for your product no matter what? If you do, what will the reaction of the marketplace be? Will it cause them to make a decision to buy from you? Does your guarantee contain multiple guarantee clauses? Is your guarantee in writing? Is it signed by anyone on your team? Is it by chance notarized? A solid guarantee gives your marketplace one more reason to make that decision to do business with you over and above anyone else. If you happen to be in the insurance agency business, you can still easily create a solid guarantee without jeporadizing your position. Implement, execute and take action today!

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