Singles Versus Home Runs

Who doesn’t want to score BIG and go home? What entrepreneur doesn’t feel that next great idea will be THE big idea that will turn the tables and create truckloads of cash that will provide mega freedom. Maybe yes, maybe no. As marketers, we test. Secret tip based on painful experience: home runs are few and far between. While you are swinging for the fence, don’t forget to hit lot of singles too. Singles might be other autopilot marketing programs that go on day after day, week after week, month after month and so on. Emails, voice broadcasts, newsletters, direct mail pieces of all types and more. Last check, we had 27 different marketing activities going on every month. Remember, the singles when multiplied add up to runs and thou who has the most runs……wins! What about you, tell us about your story. How do you create singles and home runs?

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