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How to Collect (and Use) Third-Party Endorsements

How to Collect (and Use) Third-Party Endorsements

Tips to secure third-party endorsements for your insurance agencies.

With so many agencies—both locally and nationally—competing for business, you can stand out when you allow the words of others to do some of the work for you. A third party endorsement letter is like a testimonial on steroids, and just like testimonials, third party endorsement letters give you the essential credibility you need.

A third party endorsement letter is a letter that a client writes on your behalf on his own letterhead that he sends to one or more of your potential customers—at least that’s the way it will seem. In actuality, you are the one who will write most of the third party endorsement letters that come from clients. Here is how it works:

Let’s say I have a great commercial client named Dr. Jon, who is a dentist. I’d like to get a letter from Dr. Jon that goes out to all the other dentists in the area whom he knows. I approach Jon and say, “I’m starting a new marketing program, and I need your help.” In my experience, people want to help, so more than likely Jon agrees to hear me out. I continue, “Jon, I’d like to share everything we’ve done for you with other dentists so that we can help them get better coverage and save them money. I know you are busy, so I’ve written a letter, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to put that letter on your letterhead. I’ll bear all the costs and send it out. All you need to do is read the letter, and if you approve, add your signature at the bottom. Then I will send you the list of dentists we plan to send this letter to, and you can add or delete whichever names you like, okay?”

Jon agrees to this since there’s not much work on his part and he truly is a satisfied customer.

After Jon approves the letter, provides the letterhead, and approves the list of recipients, this letter from a respected dentist goes out to all the other dentists in his network. They’re receiving a letter from their colleague endorsing my agency and me. Do you think that would be powerful? Absolutely. A word of advice: Make sure that when you reprint the client’s letterhead, you add your phone number so you get the calls from prospects, not Dr. Jon.

I could even follow up the letter with a thirty to sixty-second voice broadcast message from Dr. Jon, recorded right there in his office on my smart phone after he approves the letter. About a week after the letter goes out, I send the follow-up voice broadcast that says:

“Hey, Dr. Jon here. I just wanted to make sure you got the letter I sent last week. If you haven’t read it, please take a moment to do so. It could save you a lot of money and ensure that you’re properly protected. Thanks, Dr. Jon.”

Not every client will be the right fit for endorsing such a letter, but keep your eyes open for the right opportunities to make the most of this powerful promotion tool.

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