Should You Script All Messages?

Should You Script All Messages?

Scripting messages for insurance agencies.

Let’s talk about the messages that will be going out to 100 percent of the market. The best messages contain the credibility that comes not from your own words, but from the testimonials of your satisfied customers. Messages should also be well planned and market tested. The messages we use to reach our audience are all highly scripted. We know exactly what we’re going to say, we know when the messages will be sent and to whom they are going, and we ensure that they are written in a manner that won’t offend anyone.

When considering the right script for TV, remember that repetition is important in the television world. That means you don’t need to create multiple commercials—two or three great ones are all you need to promote your company and increase brand awareness. Just make sure they are properly scripted, and that you keep the 3 M’s in mind: Ensure that the message matches your marketplace, and that the marketplace responds well to the form of media you have chosen (in this case, television).

It’s true that it is not always easy to determine what messages will work in your market, but with time and practice (and by asking yourself the right questions), you can hone in on the proper messages to send out. One key question to answer before you begin the process of scripting is this:

Are we going to target price or target protection?

That is one of the first things to determine because you don’t want to send mixed messages. Conflicting messages will not resonate with the marketplace the way a universal, cohesive message does. Think of some of the largest insurance carriers out there that focus on price. Every message they send out to the marketplace is about cost savings. When you think of Geico, you think of saving “15 percent or more on car insurance,” right? That is the kind of cohesive messaging you want to use.

If you decide to target price, and your ad sounds something like: “Save up to 37 percent on your auto insurance if you call today. Don’t wait.” Then after you give viewers a reason for calling, provide viewers with a Kall8 number so that you can track the calls that are coming in because of the ad. You may also consider using a 24/7-operator service since people watch television at all hours. If you don’t have somebody available to answer your phones after your commercial airs, then why have the ad in the first place? You can provide an answering service with a script so that you can plan what they will say and how you will follow up with after-hours callers.

Your scripts are the key elements of every message you send out to the marketplace through multiple media sources; so don’t take the creation process lightly. We have several sample scripts to share with you in our Unstoppable Profit Producer Program, and you should always ask for the advice of industry experts who are in your network. Find someone who wants you to succeed and ask for direction as you construct your all-important scripts.

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