How to Convey Body Language Successfully

How to Convey Body Language Successfully

Your Posture Can Propel Your Success

If you review your own personal experience, it will likely not take you long to be convinced of the power of body language. You have seen how crossed arms can block you out, while leaning in can engage you. Body language does not just count in your personal life, though. Here are a few body language mistakes to avoid and postures to assume to propel your career forward.

  • Stop Slouching: Slouching can damage you in two ways. First, slouching makes you appear disrespectful as it appears you are not fully engaged in the present conversation or project. Secondly, because our brains equate power with how much space people take up, slouching can shrink your power.
  • Try Turning: If you are engaged in a conversation and want to let the others involved know, turn your body towards them. This shows that you are both engaged and trusting of the others involved, welcoming a deeper dialogue.
  • Fight Fidgeting: Any small, repetitive motions can imply that you are either uncomfortable or distracted. Either way, people will assume you are not fully involved in the conversation at hand when you fidget. Particularly, stay away from fixing your hair, biting your nails, and other behaviors that can make you seem like you are more concerned with the way you look than the way you work.
  • Engage Eye Contact: Practice maintaining the right amount of eye contact. Too little makes you seem disengaged, while too much can be aggressive. Note how you are in casual conversation with close friends, and work to replicate that in the workplace.

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