Easy Ways to Manage Your LinkedIn Profile

Easy Ways to Manage Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s not enough to simply have a LinkedIn profile – you must manage it, and manage it well. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’re here to help.

In our world of social media, LinkedIn stands as an interesting tool. With all the ease of networking online, you can connect with colleagues and competition to help improve your own professional profile and boost your business. Are you making the most of your LinkedIn? Here are a few tips to help you leverage this resource.

  • Perfect Your Profile: Whether you are looking to bring leads or recruit employees for your business with your LinkedIn, ensuring your profile is both accurate and interesting is key. Take the time to review your summary. Is it engaging? Does it shed light on the kind of work you do and why it matters? Take some time to spruce up and spice up your LinkedIn profile to ensure that when people navigate to your page, they are enticed.
  • Be Active with Articles: It is one thing to have a good profile on LinkedIn, but entirely another to be active on it. Post relevant articles for your industry, resources you have found helpful, inspirational quotes, etc. to ensure that you are actually contributing to the LinkedIn community and making your professional priorities clear.
  • Understand the Upgrades: Periodically, LinkedIn will send you an offer to try out an upgrade to a Premium account for 30 days. Take advantage of this free trial to play around with these extra features and see if they would benefit your business. That way, you will know which type of LinkedIn profile works best for your business without incurring an extra expense.

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