Choosing a Domain for Your Insurance Agency

Choosing a Domain for Your Insurance Agency

Your domain name plays a huge role on how well your insurance agency will market itself. 

A domain name that has too much in it can turn many people off, including many new potential clients–like Millennials who like very short, concise, and efficient. If it’s something that can easily be misspelled, people will think you have gone out of business and your emails and inquiries will be sent to the wrong address. If your domain is cheesy, people won’t take it seriously. If it’s easily forgettable, so too will your insurance agency. So how can you create a domain name that will bring people to your website?

First off, what is a domain name? A domain name is what one types when looking for a website. For example,,, are all domain names.

How do I know a domain name is available? Only one person can own a single domain name. For example, you can’t start a domain name that’s named “” because that is already owned by Google. Many companies out there sell domain names and allow you to search for an available name as part of the purchasing process.

A .COM is what you should buy. Don’t bother with the .NETs and the .ORGs and the .BIZs, because people will look at them and think otherwise. People search .COM by habit and expect all businesses to have this online suffix.

Don’t use a hyphen. Hyphens don’t belong anywhere on your domain name. It doesn’t look professional, and people may forget to include it when looking up your business and–again–think you’ve gone out of business.

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