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Tips For Taming Your Inbox

Stop Getting Backlogged With Emails

Email has transformed business, and the majority of us are grateful. Gone are the days of problematic fax machines or the need to drive across town—or fly across the country—to get a contract executed. Email has made communication easier.

The problem for many of us, though, is that our sheer email volume makes it difficult to keep up, leaving us with overflowing inboxes. Here are a few tips to help you get yours under control.

  • Commit: Since your inbox is already backlogged, it will take some time to get it back to 0. Set aside a day to do just that. It will be time consuming, but once you have your inbox cleared out entirely you will be able to stay organized moving forward.
  • Unsubscribe: Look, you barely got to that email from your manager yesterday. There is no way you are going to have time to look over that newsletter of recipes or health tips. Unsubscribe from all of your non-work related emails and save yourself the trouble of having to navigate those unimportant emails.
  • File: If you walked into an office without a filing system, you would be appalled. Why, then, do we think it is okay to leave our inboxes unorganized. Implement a filing system in your inbox to help you prioritize the most pressing matters while keeping others where they will not be forgotten.
  • Archive: To prevent inbox backlog, archive all messages that either do not need a response or do not need to stay immediately top of mind for you. You can also relocate archived emails by searching if you need them, and this system will help you keep your inbox clutter-free.

Managing your inbox is just one step on the road to success. To get the full roadmap, contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program. Our premier wealth creation program helps you work less, earn more, and enjoy life!

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