Becoming The Best Listener

How To Best Connect By Listening

Listening may not seem like the most crucial skill, but failing to hear what your business partners and clients are saying can spell failure for business owners. Communication is a crucial part of business success, and learning to listen is an integral part of being a successful communicator. To help you become the best listener, consider this guide.

  • Be Quiet: We too easily associate silent moments during a conversation with awkwardness, but letting the conversation breathe with a few pauses can actually encourage a deeper dialogue. Do not be afraid to take a moment to process what the other person is saying. That way, you will not miss out on important communication.
  • Be Thoughtful: When another person is talking, do not just be thinking of what you will say next. Let your mind slow down from always having to have a quick retort, and pay actual attention to the person who is speaking.
  • Be Brave: A fear of looking foolish can keep you from asking questions, but that can also mean you miss out on important information. If you are unsure what the person speaking is talking about, do not be afraid to say, “What I think you are saying is _______? Is that accurate?”
  • Be Encouraging: People are much more likely to engage in a conversation when they feel that what they are saying is being appreciated. As you listen, look for ways you can validate what the person is saying.

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