Believe in Yourself!

To reach your goals you need energy and vision. What you don’t need is negative thinking. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t analytical and realistic, in fact, in means that you are just that; you are open to doing the work necessary for achieving your goals. To obtain the focus to meet your goals you will want to be motivated by positive thoughts.

We are social creatures, and we internalize and care about the opinions of others. Often negative thinking is based on real or imaginary critics in our heads, and we extrapolate criticism, often heard in childhood, into the present.

To act effectively in the present, you need to stop negative thinking that you have internalized and replace it with positive thoughts. To do this, you may want to note exactly who these critics are: a harsh teacher, a punitive coach, a rival roommate? Fire them. To get an interior committee in your head that works for you, think about those people who give you unconditional support, enthusiasm, and understanding. It can be someone you know or someone with whom you feel an empathy: a writer, an athlete, or a favorite businessperson. Then invite them to be the one you work for. You can do it. Rather than listen to the inner critic a kind and wise one, rather than the voice of criticism that was chosen on autopilot or default, immerse yourself in this favorable atmosphere by talking, texting, or reading their words.  

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