Promote Your 2014 Referral Program With These Marketing Tips

Referral programs are great ways to get additional business from a purchaser who enjoys your products. They will be eager to get their friends and family to join in and try the product for themselves as the customer hunts down the leads for you. Get the most exposure with your referral program by following these simple marketing tips.

1: Reach The Largest Audience With Social Media Marketing

Everybody has some type of account on a social media platform. Target the most popular places such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to spread the message about your referral program. You should already have a large following as you place on the social media page your message, the reason why they should jump on this great opportunity, and a call-to-action for them to find out more information. Include links to your homepage and a confirmation page to help with promotion.

2: Market It Directly On Your home Page

The reason why some referral programs fail is because people can’t find the information readily. It is hidden amongst your web pages or placed as an afterthought on a contact page. You need the referral program to be instantly seen and understood. Place the message directly on the homepage and within the line of eyesight for visitors so they understand what is in it for them if they participate.

3: Confirmation Pages Provide Valuable Follow-up Marketing

The person loves your products and has spent a great deal of money buying them. You’ve already captured their attention, so drive home the point of your referral program within the purchase confirmation page so the customer believes they are getting a even better deal from an awesome company.

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