Goal Setting: Developing a Vision and Succeeding

Successful people set high, but attainable goals. The key to setting an attainable goal largely has to do with specifying precisely what it is that you plan to accomplish. Setting a high goal will force you to align your corporate vision with the barely-possible and make it a reality.

A goal of “I’m going to exercise more” is too vague—easy to fail, yet ominous and intimidating at the same time. Instead, “I’m going to exercise 20 minutes a day, even if it’s walking” is a realistic and doable task. This principle applies to goal setting practices for your business as well.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

By setting goals that you have to work to reach for, you push yourself to new heights. By setting goals that are well-defined, you are easily able to measure your success or failure in your attempts to complete these goals.

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