Direct Mail Marketing Mistake Features vs. Benefits

Direct mail marketing uses powerful tools of persuasion, but there is controversy about what methods work and which are mistakes in advertising. The dispute is over features vs. benefits.

In advertising, there is a big difference between features and benefits. Features list the facts about a particular product or service, and benefits show the positive impact, or results, of using the product or service.

The target audience will determine whether features or benefits should be used for a successful direct mail campaign. By listing facts about the product, or service, the potential consumer might be satisfied with specs. Though, sometimes consumers need more than mere facts because they could be left to deduce the necessity of making the purchase and could lose interest.

By listing the benefits, a potential consumer is shown exactly why they should make the purchase. In advertising, when the product, or service, has positive and proven results that personally apply, a sale is likely.

Direct mail marketing campaigns are successful with a proper advertising presentation. There is continued controversy about features vs. benefits. Sometimes it is best to list the features and other times, it is advantageous to describe the benefits; show why a product or service should be purchased.

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