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What Did You Hear When Your Client Said No?

An inexperienced or unschooled insurance agent may believe the potential client is gone forever – they just said no. But, is that what actually happened?

How many people die of scorpion bites each year? Surprisingly, the answer is none; they die from the poison the scorpion injects into them. So, it is not what is said that is key, it is how what is said is interpreted.

People who are successful in sales jobs are not unhinged when they hear no. Instead of feeling rejected, they feel challenged and inspired.

If a potential client said, “I already have life insurance” what did you hear and what thoughts did you have?

Many salespeople will think the potential client already has insurance and does not need my product. This job is terrible, everyone already has insurance.

But the champions of insurance sales hear something quite different. They hear that the client knows that he needs life insurance and already owns some. They think that all I need to do to convert him to my client is show him how our service and insurance products are much better than what the potential client already has.

To be a top salesperson you must always be motivated. Even a firm no may mean maybe. Pair your new agents up with experienced super sales people so they do not hear from negative sounding sales people.

To learn more about how to have the right mindset for selling contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program that is available nationwide for insurance agencies. They can be reached at 800-770-9984.

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