The Importance of the Follow Up

Following up with prospects is critical for developing relationships, networking and growing your business. The methods used make all the difference and can lead to significant wealth generation.

You may wonder how following up with clients can better your business. Maintaining relationships is essential for lead generation and insight into customers’ needs. Following up also produces referrals, which are often the best way of generating new business. Word-of-mouth marketing is effective because personal relationships produce better prospects compared cold calling, direct mail or other impersonal methods.

Short, insincere emails do not have the same effect of a friendly phone call or luncheon. Time management is important for arranging follow up appointments. Since time is limited, the prospects with the highest potential are top priority. Most professionals have busy schedules, so finding new ways to maintain relationships is important for revenue generation.

Do not let prospects slip through your fingers due to ineffective follow up techniques. For additional information on wealth creation for insurance agents in the Los Angeles area, please contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program.

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