The Awesome Mindset

Greeting friends,

Some recent events that happened on one of our Saturday morning group bicycle rides that causes me to urgently write this really important message. Please…..take a moment.

One of the toughest challenges we face as entrepreneurs is staying in the mindset that takes us to the next level. It’s all about mindset, the awesome think-tank. You see, we are what we think about. So, I challenge you today with this question: What is it that you think about constantly? Do you constantly think about how good things are? Do you constantly think about how bad things are? Are you constantly seeing ways to improve your business? Or are you constantly thinking about how bad things are and that there’s no way that they are going to get better?

Here are some real world results from my recent experience with some of my riding partners. We were about 21 miles into our ride last Saturday when I came along some newer cyclists in our group and I asked them how things were going, how they were feeling about the ride so far. And here was the response from one of them. “All I can think about is that hill that’s coming up.” This was quite intriguing to me, as one of the keys when you are riding fairly steep hills on a bicycle is that you have to get in the right mindset. If all you think about is how difficult that hill is going to be, the hill has already beaten you. It will beat you down and beat you down, and consequently, you’ll struggle the entire way up. Have you ever experienced this in your business life? If so, what’s the answer? Well, my friend who I was riding beside needed encouragement, and that’s what I gave to her. I shared with her that I’d ridden this hill many times, and that it wasn’t so bad. Yes, the first time I rode it, it seemed ominous. But, after it was done, it was really fairly easy. And there’s a system that must be in place when you’re riding hills. So, I shared with her my system. I also encouraged her that about a third of the way up the hill, there is a little flat area where she could recover before attacking the rest of the hill.

You see, it’s all about mindset, and it’s all about where you position your mind before you enter into anything.

Working on your mindset is just an incredibly challenging yet rewarding experience. I encourage you to take a look at the last column of this blog and subscribe to the link “Thought of the Day-Hill”. It’s FREE, but in fact, will pay you; your family and your business back many, many times over. This is something that I look at every single day and it helps my mindset accelerate to the level that helps us reach our goals.

Good luck, and see you at the top!


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