Turns your words into profit-instantly!

By Mike Stromsoe
Ever been driving down the road, been in a store or even been watching a movie and had a great idea? Then thought to yourself ” if only I could get that idea out to my marketplace, prospect base or other list within hours. You can, and the best part is it can be delegated. Been engaged in a lengthy phone call, need to document your file and don’t have time to write notes? You can. This a proven tool I have been using for years – www.copytalk.com. It does cost a little over $500 annually. but for $41 and change a month, I cannot tell you how much time it saves me and better yet, stuff gets done now. Remember, money loves speed. Go to their website and check them out – www.copytalk.com. If you would like a free 30 day trial, let me know. I’ll set you up. Just need your full name and email address. Hope this helps. Make a difference and Be Unstoppable!

PS One of the best things about copytalk is every dictation can immediately be sent to up to 4 people without lifting a finger…automatic autopilot!

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