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The Five Steps Of Learning And Retention – Part 2

The second step is Repetition.  My research of a university study revealed that an idea that was read or heard only one time was 66% forgotten within 24 hours. But if that same idea was read or heard repeatedly for 8 days, up to 90% of it could be retained at the end of the eight days.

So once you’ve read this manual all the way through, go back and read it again. But this time read with a highlighter, a pencil and notepad handy. Mark up the book. Write down the ideas you feel fit your personal business situation. This repetition will help you retain more of the information than if you had read it only once.

The third step in the learning and retention process is Utilization. This is the “doing” step. It is here that neuromuscular pathways(the study of this has been fascinating) are actually developed, creating a “mind‑muscle memory.” And according to the study quoted earlier, once you physically experience an action, it becomes twice as easy to recall as if you had heard it only.

Fourth, is Internalization. Actually making the idea a part of you. That may involve some customizing or tailoring of the idea to fit your situation or style, but it is vitally important for you to personalize the idea and make it “yours”.

The fifth step is Reinforcement. In order to maximize the effectiveness of an idea, you should continually be looking for ways to support and strengthen it. The more you can support the idea, the more you will believe it, the longer you will retain it, and the more effective it will become in helping you serve your customers’ needs.

Now, what does all this have to do with your business? Simply, this. In your daily business and personal activities, as well as throughout your experience with the information in this article, you are going to be overwhelmed with great number of ideas.

Some will be brand new, that is, you’ve never heard them before. Some will be ideas you have heard in the past, but have forgotten. And others will ideas you come up with on your own as a result of something that was triggered in your mind as you read. Understanding and applying these five steps in the learning and retention process can help you retain more of what you read and experience. These experiences can then be implemented and executed to put more cash in your pocket!

10 Proven Tips to Explode Your Profits in 2012….

Are YOU ready to make your 2012 the year that will catapult your life and the lives of those you love into a rewarding experience that will make a difference for others?


As you know, to do this, we must create and maintain businesses that relentlessly churn profit on their own.  Does this describe your business(es)?


Whether your businesses relentlessly churn profit on their own or not, please accept these 10 Proven Tips to start your year on a foundation that insulates you against any and all economic pressures. I strongly encourage you to print or write down the following 10 Proven Tips and Implement, Execute and Take Action on each one:


1. Be Decisive – When you make a decision, make the decision and run with it.  Don’t waver around or hesitate.  Either implement or decide not to implement and MOVE FORWARD.


2. Stay Focused – You have made the decision, now FOCUS on it!  Segment your time, do whatever you must do to follow one course until you meet success!


3. Write Your Goals – What gets written down gets done…  Now that you have written down your goal down you have made a commitment to yourself and to others. Review them often.  Share them with those you hold closest and post them all over, in your car, bathroom mirror, fridge – EVERYWHERE.


4. Plan Thoroughly – Planning before taking action helps you to do things better, cheaper and faster.  Planning ahead will allow you to maintain focus, prepare yourself, see obstacles that lay ahead and a strategic exit plan, if necessary.


5. Involve Others – Two heads are better than one.  It’s okay to learn from someone who knows more than you.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, learn from those who did.


6. Welcome failure – Success cannot exist without failure.  Think about it, Einstein failed 10,000 times before he invented the light bulb.  Success cannot exist without failure, learn from it and move forward towards your goals.


 7. Take purposeful action – There is no magic pill to get you success, you must Take Action – roll up your sleeves and work your way there.  If you are waiting for it to fall in your lap, you are going to find yourself sitting there for a long time. Implement, execute and take action today!


8. Inspect what you expect – Evaluate where you currently are, in relation to where you would like to be.  Are your actions driving you down the road to meet your goals?  Things change, make sure you consistently know where you are going.  If not, you may end up traveling a long ways down the wrong road.


9. Reward yourself – Set a reward for each goal you make, or even a reward for each step accomplished to get there.  This will help motivate you and encourage you along the path to your goals.  Recognizing your achievements is critical to continue the positive behavior of striving for and meeting your goals.


10. Maintain personal integrity – Are you committed to your goals?  What’s the purpose of setting a goal if you do not plan to achieve it.  Personal integrity is the key to success.  You must commit to your commitment, keep your promise to achieve it.


How do you plan to make a difference in 2012? 


If we can help you in any way, please get in touch with us at 800-770-9984 or [email protected].


Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

What Can The Unstoppable Profit Producer Program Do for YOU?

Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries about our “Unstoppable Profit Producer Program”, here’s a quick overview of what we do:

My passion is teaching insurance agencies how to build or revitalize every aspect of their agency operations. We offer proven strategies that improve overall productivity which increases growth and profits – guaranteed.

This is accomplished by sharing every secret and tool I have created and tested as a profitable and blossoming agency principle over the last 23 years. I will share with you in explicit detail and show you how to implement all of this in your business so you too can “be unstoppable” – call me at 800-770-9984.

Here’s to your making a difference and being unstoppable!

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