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How to Create an Energized Workforce

How to Create an Energized Workforce

Boost employee morale with these tips.

In the world of insurance, agents are always connected and always working. The biggest problem with this is that it leads to workers being tired and disengaged. Worse, workers suffer greater tension and make more judgment errors. Of course, everyone needs sufficient downtime and rest in order to do well and succeed. While that is out of your hands as a business owner, there are ways in which you can inspire an energized workforce. Since happy and engaged employees lead to improved customer retention and satisfaction, check out these tips to boost employee morale.

  • Encourage frequent, short breaks for workers to get up, stretch, and get some fresh air. Movement will help to ‘wake them up’ and inspire new momentum.
  • Help team members find possibilities rather than dwelling on problems.
  • Empower workers to help others on their team.
  • Maintain an honest, open, and encouraging flow of communication.
  • Help employees connect to their purpose. They often want more than just a paycheck.
  • Recognize team members that go the extra mile for a fellow co-worker or client.
  • Host a friendly competition where the person who makes the most sales gets a prize at the end of the month.
  • Talk with a benefits specialist about ways in which you can create affordable and engaging benefits such as a flexible work schedule, travel opportunities, and giving people their birthdays off as an extra paid holiday.

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