The Danger of Under-Communicating with Your Insurance Customers

The Danger of Under-Communicating with Your Insurance Customers

Why communicating with your customers is vital to your success.

Most insurance agencies want to believe that their clients are loyal and love the service they get. While you may provide quality service and policies, it’s likely that not all of your customers are as loyal as you think. What would happen if they got a better offer from another insurance agency? Or a flyer came their way advertising an insurance service your agency is missing? Agencies can’t rely on all clients being loyal. That is why communication is so important. You want to show clients that they are more than just a number by regularly keeping in contact. If they buy a policy from you and never hear back, they will feel like they’ve wasted money.

It’s said that most of us (around 98 percent) check our email at least once a day. This means that you have ample opportunity to send them an email (although, do not send one every day!) to let them know you still value their service. Whether you update them on office news, useful tips, or remind them of insurance reviews, it’s a good idea to communicate with your clients through email.

Quite simply, under-communicating with clients can make them feel as if they aren’t getting any benefit from working with your agency. This can then lead to them looking elsewhere for their insurance needs where they know they will work with an agent who keeps them in mind.

We’re not saying you should bombard your clients with emails, texts, and social media ads, but keep in mind that keeping in touch can lead to more clients renewing. In addition, regularly checking in gives them an opportunity to voice concerns or ask questions they have about coverage.

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