How to Build Trust with Your Insurance Clients

How to Build Trust with Your Insurance Clients

Ways to create a deeper and more rewarding relationship with your agency’s customer base.

The insurance industry is built on good relationships between insurers and clients. The insurers create policies to protect the clients, and the clients trust that the coverage will be enough to safeguard their assets. To continue to be successful as an insurance agent, your clients need to continually see you as capable, dependable, and with the client’s best interest in mind.

Implement these strategies to create a better trusting relationship with your client.

Be an expert. Although this should go without saying, becoming an expert in the industry can only further your knowledge of how to protect the client. You should understand the products you offer well enough to be able to confidently answer questions when they arise. When you know policies inside and out, customers will feel more comfortable with your services.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Overselling and underdelivering will only pose your agency in a negative light. Insurance agents, like many salespeople, fall into the trap of overselling to land the final sell, but it’s almost never worth it. If you aren’t confident that you can deliver on something, don’t promise it to the client.

Communicate clearly. Communication is certainly of the most important elements of the agent/customer relationship. Keeping in contact with your clients lets them know that you are actively thinking about them, and it also gives them the opportunity to reach out and ask any questions they may have.

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