How to Utilize LinkedIn As A Powerful Sales Tool

Recently, in our UPP Platinum Mastermind sessions, one topic continued to come up in our discussions.  How can we use LinkedIn as a powerful sales tool to add to your arsenal.  So we took action…

We are extemely honored to have had the opportunity to interview special guest Brian Traichel this week and the feedback has been off the charts!

Brian has 20 years in the sales, marketing, training & coaching arena he has field tested the LinkedIn experience.   Brian helps sales professionals increase their business through proven sales strategies, social selling, and various other sales techniques.  His trainings help you and your team out of your comfort zone and move your ideas into action to realize your potential.

We have been working with Brian over that past few months and asked if he would mind sharing his secrets with you.  He jumped at the opportunity to connect with our Unstoppable Community of Agents to help you grow your business and give you one more tool in your sales arsenal!

If you are interested in learning more, connect with Brian on LinkedIn and let him know you are Unstoppable!

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