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Tips for Powerful Presentations

Tips for Powerful Presentations

Engage your audience with a powerful presentation.

It’s safe to say that almost all of us have sat through a boring presentation in our lives. Whether the topic was irrelevant, the presentation was dull, or we were completely disengaged, we know that information in that setting is not going to be well received – especially if we’re bored. A great way to start making better and more engaging presentations is not a minefield, although it can appear daunting. A powerful presentation is the most critical tool in communication and business today.

Clear communication can do wonders for any insurance agency. When you articulate your ideas clearly, you:

  • Win multi-million projects
  • Secure buy-in from your team on your new vision
  • Build awareness
  • Inspire change
  • Communicate ideas that have the power to spread

Most presentation organization is left to the last minute, causing the dedicated team or person to throw together a whole meeting. Insurance agencies spend billions of dollars and time on their brand, yet rush through pulling together their keynotes. Finding time to research, write, design, and rehearse a presentation is a challenge. However, you must invest the time and energy into doing these tasks if you want your audience to invest their time and money in you.

A powerful presentation is: 
Clear, easy to read, has simple language, infographics that visualize key points and highlight the benefits.

A poor presentation is: 
Overloaded with facts, stats, numbers, corporate jargon, dense text, inconsistent design elements, and no key message.

It is more important than ever to cut out all the clutter from your presentation to present clear and consistent messages. What gets left out of your presentation is more important than what goes in. Be sure not to drown the audience in complex words, mixed messages, and unreal theories. Your design must support the speaker. Look for bite-sized chunks of information, easy-to-read material, and keep it to the point.

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