Texting Within Your Insurance Agency Marketing

Texting Within Your Insurance Agency Marketing

How your agency can utilize text message marketing.

In our digitally-driven era, it’s not surprising that 91 percent of U.S. adults own a cell phone. Amazingly though, 90 percent of marketing messages are read within 20 minutes of being sent. As an insurance agent, that is a pretty powerful source of marketing. To help your agency make the most of this resource, read these tips.

Build a database that’s compliant.

There are several organizations that regulate text message marketing. Why? Because text messages are delivered via the cellular phone network, which is heavily regulated. The Federal Communications Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Mobile Marketing Association, CTIA, and Telephone Consumer Protection Act all have a role in regulating the industry. Basically, don’t buy or rent a list of numbers and blast messages to them. Instead, ask visitors to opt-in and ensure it is easy to sign up and stop messages.

Promote incentives, discounts, events, and new products.

There are so many ways to utilize text message marketing these days! Make the most of it by sending out different texts that will inspire and engage your audience. You don’t want to be sending out the same introductory message all the time – so get creative!

Be mindful of timing.

It’s important not to send information too often. You don’t want to give the reader a reason to opt out of receiving your texts. One way to do this is to commit to not sending more than one or two texts per month. Additionally, be aware of the time of day in which you send the text. Avoid doing it during rush hour, too early in the morning, or late at night.

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