Easy Ways to Earn More Referrals

Simple Steps to Get More Referrals 

It’s a common feeling for business owners to feel like they’re bothering clients when they ask for a referral. More often than not, customers will happily leave a nice review if they feel they’ve had particularly good service. However, it isn’t always high on their list of things to do. So that your business can get the referrals it needs and deserves, check out these tips to earn more referrals.

Change your attitude about referrals. Stop telling yourself that you’re asking for referrals. Instead, think of it as benefitting your business and caring about customers. In fact, you could be saving your clients’ friends thousands of dollars. Changing your mindset towards referrals will help you to ask for them!

Hand out referral cards. Make up cards with your logo, agency contact information, and a spot that says ‘Referred by _____’. Handwrite your client’s name in the blank space and give it to them to pass along. You could either send these out in the post or hand them to your client when you see them so that they can immediately put them in their wallet or purse.

Practice your referral talkpaths. It’s well worth rehearsing that you’d like to say to clients thinking of referring your business. After all, just a few sentences or a good thought can help to spread the word about your services.

Add a recommend-a-friend functionality on your website. This strategy continues to be effective time and time again. Have a page or box somewhere on your website that allows people to send an email to a friend recommending your agency.

Include it in your email signature. Your email signature is a block of text that automatically shows up at the bottom of your emails. Most businesses have their name, contact information, and maybe a link to their website. This place is a great opportunity to request a referral because it’s not a direct email asking a client, but it does allow the reader to quickly forward on your contact information to friends and family.

Thank referrers on your Facebook page. When you receive customer referrals, go out to your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and thank the people who have provided referrals out in the open for everyone to see. Not only does this show the referrer how much you appreciate their gesture, which should get you more referrals from them, but it shows everyone else how you appreciate referrals, encouraging others to leave you one!

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