Should You Provide a Written Guarantee?

Should You Provide a Written Guarantee?

Giving Your Clients Peace of Mind

I decided that giving our customers peace of mind about their decision to purchase a new policy could never be a bad idea. So, I wrote a simple, no-frills, and no-hidden-clauses guarantee that states:

“If you’re not happy with your service with us, or if we do anything that you’re not satisfied with, just call us or write to us, and we’ll cancel your policy and return to you the unused portion of your premium.”

I don’t use terms like short rate or pro rate. I keep it simple and written in layman’s terms. It also includes an ongoing guarantee, and it’s all in writing and handed to clients with the rest of their paperwork when they sign their new policy or policies with us.

Guarantees can be powerful enough on their own—but then we took ours a few steps further. First, we had all of our team members sign the master copy. Those signatures are now on every copy of the guarantee that our customers receive. Our team knows that their signature is on there to back up the guarantee and say to clients, “We’re here to deliver above and beyond expectations and take good care of our customers.” That knowledge makes them feel accountable for the service and the satisfaction that our customers receive. I also believe it makes them work that much harder to ensure that our customers feel valued and important.

Then, we added our BBB® and Trusted Choice® logos to the document and had it notarized, which makes it even more “official” looking. The guarantee goes out with almost every piece of correspondence we send (both email and hard copy). We call it our “Triple Guarantee” that includes our Money Back Guarantee, our Continuing Guarantee, and our No Pressure, No Hassle Promise. People just want to know that you stand behind your words and actions. Our triple, ironclad guarantee is just one more way that we can show (not just say) that we will deliver on promises and ensure satisfaction.

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