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Does Your Business Use Client Service Report Cards?

Does Your Business Use Client Service Report Cards?


Information noted on a client report card tells you just what you need to do to improve your business.  

In our agency, we monitor all service satisfaction activity on a consistent basis. One of the greatest monitoring tools we developed is what we affectionately call the client service report card. The client service report card is a document that we send out to our customers to assess their level of satisfaction with the entire process. We don’t wait for problems or issues to surface. We pursue both the positive and the negative.

The card is a simple 4×8 sheet that is printed on orange card stock and addressed to our business. On one side, we have our BRM (business reply mail), which is a permit that we purchase once a year. You’ve seen such cards in the mail—they are the ones that say, “No postage necessary if mailed in the United States.”

On the card, we ask a series of questions to determine their level of satisfaction in working with us and receiving their claim. We ask questions like:

  • How satisfied are you with the service you received from us?
  • How would you rank our protection team’s knowledge and expertise?
  • How would you rank the overall level of helpfulness?
  • Please briefly tell us what you like or don’t like about the service you received.

These questions all lead up to the final question, which is, “May we share this information with potential clients who inquire about our services – Yes or No.” We send these cards out in practically every single mailing that leaves our agency. If people want to answer the questions, all they have to do is complete the report card, drop it in the mailbox, and it comes back to us. The only time we pay for it is when it comes back.

Those reports bring great feedback, a lot of which become powerful testimonials.

Things also come back to us concerning ways to improve our team. That is why we read these cards during our team meetings: To become better at what we do. If you don’t know what you are doing right and what areas need work, how do you know how to grow and improve? Don’t wait for your bank account balance—or lack thereof—be your indicator of customer satisfaction. That report card has meant so much to our business over the years, and I encourage you to add a client service report card to your arsenal.

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