How to Nail Down Employment Contracts

How to Nail Down Employment Contracts

Protecting your business with employment contracts.

Any business owner will understand that the employees are the backbone of the company. They bring in customers, satisfy clients, and run the entire business’s housekeeping daily. Team members are the most important piece of the business. As a result, it’s so important to take care of the team in every way possible, which includes building a system of accountability on both sides of the desk.

One of the best ways to instill uniform accountability measures is through an ironclad employment contract. Each of these should clearly specify detailed, immutable expectations. It should state the acceptable amount of time allowed off from work and restate a few of the other important points from the employee handbook. It should also include a non-compete, non-piracy clause, so if they decided to leave, they would not be able to pilfer the existing book of business. While business owners hope to never need to enforce this, it’s best to know it’s there.

You can make reference to the non-compete clause when an agent resigns. Simply pull out the clause and remind them that they signed a specific part of the contract. Remind them that they cannot compete for any of your business for the next specified number of years. While it can be questionable whether clauses are really enforceable, it does help the employer have peace of mind.

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