Living Life on our Own Terms

Living Life on our Own Terms(which is not possible without a money making agency machine that provides you freedom). A life experience I will never forget…  Awhile back I went on a cruise in the Caribbean with 18 Legendary Rock and Roll bands. WOW!!WOW!! WOW!!. Picture in this article is 2006 Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Artimus Pyle(Lynard Skynard drummer)and my best buddy Steve. The only other comment for now is Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top is truly top-notch.


For your immediate implementation is a new “quick take punchlist” that is plaster all over our office in bright YELLOW. We never leave to change an opportunity to remind any team member of ways to generate revenue.

New Business and Retention

It’s so simple.  Here’s every day ways to earn new business opportunities:

  • Send thank you notes, hand-written – three a day.
  • Go the extra mile ALL of the time.
  • Just ASK, every time!
  • Ask personal lines client who their employer is and if the employer would like a commercial lines account review.
  • Do a complete account review for anyone any time.
  • Follow up on any quotes already done, all of the time.
  • Help anyone in your community in any way.
  • Suspense and work your suspenses.
  • Brainstorm with your teammates about any new opportunity, create and implement game plan.
  • Constantly be rounding out your accounts.
  • Call people on their birthday.
  • Send a free report to anyone any time on any insurance subject.
  • Ask tactical questions and listen for any opportunity in every conversation.
  • Help someone in some way that makes a difference for them.
  • Build your own COI (center of influence) list.
  • Tell people about our website, our blog, our Facebook fan pages.
  • Prospect a certificate holder.
  • Prospect a claimant.
  • Call your AAA clients every quarter just to “check in”.
  • Send a copy of “liability limits” sheet with CD of the phone call with Allison Branchaud (attorney and insurance agent).
  • Send life quote to any auto client.
  • Send work comp quote to any CGL or BOP client.
  • Send anyone a video to build relationships.
  • Personal follow-up call 21 days after the sale to make sure all is in order.
  • Half anniversary letter or call.
  • Send third party endorsement letter to prospects, COI’s and others.
  • And so much more

2014 WILL be your best year ever….. if you believe it will AND if you are willing to implement, execute and take action!


Mike Stromsoe

The Unstoppable Profit Producer  

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