But My Business is Different!


Recently spent four days with over 1,011 savvy entrepreneurs learning how to remain in the top 1%. There was a message that went around many, many times in those few days in the mind of a few —

“But my business is different”

Is your business really different?

Last time I checked, there were two main focuses from an insurance
agency business perspective:

1. New business.

2. Retention.

I don’t know about your business but our agency, our Living Agency
Laboratory, focuses on two things- 1) new business and 2) retention.
One of our white boards in our hall has it in big letters and they’re
both green. Why green? Because it’s the color of money. We focus all of our efforts on those two items. Now, what tools do we use to focus on those items? Well, that’s a much longer story for another lesson.

Here are a few cutting edge tools that have been working in the
Stromsoe Living Agency Laboratory recently:

1. Our 2010 Going the Extra Mile referral program continues to churn
Money. Over 33 testimonials a month, our donation meter to local
Charities are nearing $1,000 already! Like I have said before, the best
part is our total protection team has learned to give back!

2. This week our team discovered that we have an exponentially increased number of leads from one of our car insurance marketing programs. We quickly put in place a much more aggressive closing program. Since these leads are hot.

3. Mother’s Day voice broadcast scheduled for today

4. Memorial day VIP message in place to all AAA clients in the funnel

5. Ahead of schedule on 2010 goals, revenue up 6.1% through April.
Yes even in today’s economy. We do not pay attention to anything but our business plan going forward. It’s the only thing we can control.

Good luck and happy implementing.

Mike Stromsoe, Creator of the
Unstoppable Profit Producer Coaching
Program for Insurance Agents
Phone 800-770-9984

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