The “Living Agency Laboratory” is ALIVE!

We have exciting news for you. Our recent studies have caused us to rename our agency, all because of you. The official new name is “The Living Agency Laboratory”. Inside our Living Agency Laboratory, we test and develop marketing, operational and other secrets to share with everyone we can who is willing to implement them in THEIR OWN INSURANCE AGENCY so they too can discover how to quickly and easily learn to work less & make more money in their insurance agency! It is our sincere desire that these proven, real world secrets help you continue to grow your business, make more money, make a difference for others and enjoy your life.

By the way, we have created a brand new, exclusive content category on my blog “Living Agency Laboratory”. Check it out right here, the category list is on the left hand side.

Here’s a sampling of this recent events in the “Living Agency Labratory”:

** Our internet and direct mail marketing programs continue to put our producers in front of qualified prospects. Unfortunately, an appointment yesterday resulted in discovery that the prospect had been WITHOUT workers comp for almost one year. The incumbent agent was asleep at the wheel (by the way, we have direct mail and other pieces that focus on this very area, ask me about it). Results-$2,850 in commission. Source – a referral.

** Met with an agent yesterday that is fairly new in business, has managed to accumulate about 1,000 policies, but cannot figure out how he is going to grow his agency, has questions about hiring, operational matters that need fixing. In his own words “I simply need someone with proven results to coach me in the right direction”. I was super excited to let Dave know we will help him.

Here’s his email from our immediate action:

From: David H
Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2010 1:02 PM
To: Mike Stromsoe
Subject: RE: Great connecting with you, but that’s not all…..

Hi Mike,

Thank you again for helping me to confirm that you can take me in the right direction and for putting extra tools in my bag on the spot. It’s inspiring see how organized client files can be. I truly appreciate your time and look forward to implementing the ideas we discussed over the next several months.



Take Action

At least we’re on step 1.

Thanks again,


Helping people who want to be helped is truly what life is all about.

** I was asked to speak to a group of agents in the Midwest about getting their agencies to the next level; we confirmed the event this week. Super excited to be able to share. I will record the event and send you a link about the third week of April for a free listen to the secrets I will share with these agents. This will be a definite 11.

** Almost finished finalizing the dates and location of one of our fall events, exclusively for agents who want to discover how to quickly and easily learn to work less & make more money in their insurance agency. This event will be in Texas…..stay tuned. You won’t want to miss this opportunity.

** The finishing touches were applied to four products this week, developed solely from the 24 years of experience in my “Living Agency Laboratory”. These products are available to anyone to help them work less and make more money in their agency. One of these products is our “Task Organizer System”. Just one hour ago, this system was tested in my own office by new employee. By the way, this employee was tested and hired using our hiring system, more later. Good news and bad news – the bad news is there was not a task organizer for the task she was trying to complete. The good news is the system showed it’s true colors by allowing development to solve her dilemma in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. But that’s not all, there’s more. We have just developed a brand new additional to this system that absolutely ROCKS! I can’t wait to share it with you.

** We had another mini-crisis with our birthday card program this week. We send out 200-300 birthday cards monthly. The brand new addition to our task organizer system put that fire out in less than two minutes. Like I said, this brand new additional to our task organizer system absolutely ROCKS! I can’t wait to share it with you.

There’s lots more, but I know you want/need to get back to your day and making money.

I hope this helps you make a difference and become more unstoppable. Let me know if you need my help in any way.

Helping you implement, execute and take action,

Mike Stromsoe
Creator and Head Coach of the
Unstoppable Profit Producer Coaching Program for Insurance Agents
Phone 800-770-9984
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And there is more good news – Truth IS Stronger than Fiction. In the video below are a few words from an insurance company rep who has personally witnessed time after time the results of our “Living Agency Laboratory” and what the Unstoppable Profit Producer Coaching Program teaches. Listen closely to everything Shari says:

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