I Was Told It Would Be UNFAIR If I Did Not….

I hope this finds you well and blowing away your goals for 2010 so far. Don’t forget to celebrate the victories too; it’s oh so important to fuel our stamina for those tougher battles.

This has been an incredible week of helping agents discover how to earn more money and work less. An agent who I was helping Wednesday said “Mike, it would be UNFAIR not to share what you know with every other agent” I wholeheartedly agree and bring to you this urgent message.

What exactly is the Unstoppable Profit Producer program? It’s a coaching program for insurance agents to help agencies discover how to quickly and easily learn how to work less and earn more money in your insurance agency business. What is different about the Unstoppable Profit Producer program? The creator and head coach is not someone who USED TO work in the agency business, I still do. I have invested 24 years of sweat and blood, which has resulted in an intense fortress of weapons that are available to you. By implementing what we teach, your top and bottom line will swell, resulting in more freedom for you and whatever else your mind can conceive.

And there is more good news – Truth IS Stronger than Fiction. In the videos below are a few words from successful agents who implemented what the Unstoppable Profit Producer Coaching Program teaches. List closely to everything they said when they were asked about their experience:

Michael McLean from Perth, Ontario, Canada

Dennis Hamsher from York, Pennsylvania

Orlando Frasca from Northern California

Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to learn about out program. Since you invested time, I am giving you 3 FREE gifts 1) a free copy of my EBook – Amazing Insider Secrets to Agency Profits 2) my latest video that reveals every secret to getting great testimonials you can use to generate more profits 3) a just released video about out 2010 referral program. Our referral program has been ringing up the profits for 11 years straight. In fact, the national marketing director of California’s 3rd largest auto carrier came to our office after he saw this video. He wanted all of the intimate details to be spilled in front of his own eyes. After more than 3 hours of “show and tell”, he said “Wow” and in his own words – “wow meaning With Out Words”
There is nothing better than helping someone who wants to be helped. I want to help you. Go to my website right now at www.unstoppableprofitproducer.com and collect your 3 free gifts.

I hope this helps you, let me know if you have any questions.

Helping you implement, execute and take action,

Mike Stromsoe
Creator and Head Coach of the
Unstoppable Profit Producer Coaching Program for Insurance Agents
Blog – www.411mike.com

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PSS You’ll always have our exclusive double lock guarantee. Our goal is always your complete satisfaction.


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