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Yikes!! What do YOU Make of This Envelope?

I recently opened this envelope at my home. Click the link below:

Click Here To View PDF

A couple of thoughts:

1. Do the weak testimonials match the rest of the messages? Maybe the third one that refers to loving their agent

2. Testimonials at a minimum should include the full name and location of the giver for credibility purposes, anything less frankly does not stand up. (side note-UPP clients find out the real secrets to creating testimonials that stand out over and above all others in todays market)

3. The envelope SCREAMS insurance sales. Is that going to get the envelope opened every time?

The goal of every marketing program is to get the envelope opened.

I give this one a 3 on scale of 1 to 10 at best.

What does your marketing envelope look like? Let me know. Email it to [email protected] or fax me at 951-677-6265.

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