Nicholas Ayers

They say “social proof” is the most powerful way for any brand or business to build trust.And “authenticity trumps polish”. I cannot say enough great things about this man.Mike was one of the very first mentors I had when it came to running an insurance agency.When I was first starting out in this business, Mike was someone that helped me, gave me advice and believed in me…He runs a multimillion dollar agency and helped me when I barely had enough to keep an operating account open at the bank. I wouldnt be half the insurance agent I am today if it wasnt for Mike. Here is the best thing about Mike…he is real.In a noisy world of scammers and frauds, Mike actually cares about people.He looks you in your eye, remembers your name, and even though he is busy will even remember conversations from years ago.I appreciate this dude. If you need help building an agency, I highly recommend Mike as a mentor.”

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