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Factors Determining An Employees Stay or Departure

While you may think that how much you pay your employees is what keeps them at your company, there are a variety of other influencing factors that determine their stay, or departure. Gathered are the main factors that determine an employee’s decision to stay at an organization or start job hunting:

  • One of the most influencing factors is the level of management. Each employee should be treated fairly, but uniquely. Learn what your employees are passionate about and what they are motivated by, and use that to improve the management of your business.
  • We no longer live in a world where competitive salaries are enough. Most workers would choose a job with a lower annual salary if they were to receive an employee benefits package.
  • Yes, money matters, but it is not everything. If you cannot afford to give your employees annual raises for their hard work, consider yearly bonuses to show your appreciation. Most employees simply seek a sense of appreciation to motivate them.

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5 Tips To Encourage a Healthy Work Environment

One of the most important characteristics to maintain in your business is a healthy and happy work environment. When your workforce is happy, your company flourishes. Therefore, it is imperative that you follow these 5 tips to encourage a healthy work environment:

  1. It is important that you encourage interaction between team members. Workplace morale and productivity will increase as your team feels a sense of community.
  2. Invite your employees in your world. Share the company’s overall goals with them and encourage input and feedback.
  3. Motivate your employees by providing a career path. Knowing that there is always the opportunity to move up in a company will keep your employees on their best behavior and always working to achieve new goals.
  4. Encourage workplace physical activity. Consider hiring a yoga instructor to come to the office twice a week.
  5. Most importantly, be responsive to your team’s needs and show your appreciation for their hard work on a regular basis.

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