Explode Your Profits Thru The Power of The Three P’s

You, your team and everyone you are connected to are in the middle of the Great Reset. Life….. as we knew it, will never be the same. You have two options…. Grow or go home.  Personally, there is no other option but to grow. My teams and I are “Growing Through This Adversity” not simply going through this adversity.

Please join us on this incredible entrepreneurial journey and learn the latest strategies for the PPP’s – People, Processes and Promotion - and how to implement them in your business so you will grow your business, create financial security and have more freedom to live life on your terms.

To help you and your team become more, joining us are 3 of the preeminent business minds surrounding People Processes and Promotion, to help you learn the most current and relevant strategies to not only reach your goals, but to blow them away !

Growing Through This Adversity

Presented by Mike Stromsoe

Hiring Solutions & Leadership Tools

Presented by Laura Bruno

These new reports are designed to help you hire wisely and lead effectively.

The HireSense report is for potential candidates and is replacing the Executive Summary (being retired by the end of the year). The cool thing about this report is that it includes interview questions and the Critical Thinking piece is easier to interpret. While this tool is designed initially as a tool for hiring and selection, once that step is complete, this information can be instrumental in building development plans with the employee.

I will be introducing Benchmarking Tools before the end of the year. Benchmarking will give us a percentage match when comparing your potential candidate to someone that is very successful or very unsuccessful in the same position. If you would like to participate in helping me identify the best performers (stars) and the low performers (duds), please reach out to me. I need their names and they need to have taken my DISC and Motivators assessment(s) in the past five years. This tool will be customized specifically for the insurance industry. The four positions we will be benchmarking are: Director of Welcome (Receptionist), Processor, CSR and Sales.

The LeaderSense reports are brand new! This is for owners and managers only. It's not easy to see our weaknesses, however, it is of value to know where there is an opportunity to improve. Right now LeaderSense is two separate reports and four assessments. Takes about an hour to take all four assessments. Download the sample reports below.

Contact Laura:  To order, please download the order form, print it, fill it out and email it to [email protected].

If you have questions about the reports, please call me (310) 961-6136.

Get a Grip On Your Business: Are You Running Your Business, or Is Your Business Running You?

Presented by Victoria Cabot

What is EOS? In three words: Read. Simple. Results. EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.

By mastering this simple way of operating, leadership teams of growth-oriented companies systematically and permanently improve. If you want to synchronize your teams’ efforts in support of creating a remarkable business, this session is for you.


More information:

Contact: Victoria at  [email protected] or visit www.velocity6.com

Branding and Social Media:  The How’s and Why’s on it Helping with Retention and New Business!

Presented by Chris Paradiso

In today’s world, there is a lot of competition and it is imperative that your agency stands out from the rest! Learn how your brand and social media and the data you collect drives your business and increases your retention and ability to write new business!

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