Why You Should Use Professional Photos to Build Your Brand

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Should you use professional photos in your branding?

Personal branding is all the rage right now. Everyone has a brand – but some of us are more skilled at realizing its potential than others. For insurance agencies, building a reputable brand is important to stand out from the crowd. All too often, insurance agencies rely on stock images and poor-quality photos to represent their company. The art of building a brand lies within the concepts of authenticity, excellence, and uniqueness. There is something to be said for professional photos, too.

Using photography to reinforce your personal brand is an excellent way to take advantage of the visual nature of the human brain. High-quality, personable, and professional photos are an effective way of enhancing your position as an expert and instantly connecting with your readers or customers.

Having a professional headshot is the only way to be taken seriously in the industry of insurance. You should always strive to use the same headshot across all of your social media channels, email, and personal website to help people recognize you and add to your credibility. Think outside the box, too – the style of photos, background, clothes you wear, and facial expression will also influence people’s perceptions of you.

To squeeze all the benefits from professional pictures, ensure you establish your brand’s visual style from the very beginning to ensure all the images you use align with your overall value proposition. Think about adding a little something different to set your pictures apart from the rest on the web.

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