Major Social Media Updates Insurance Agents Should Know

facebook iconImprove your social media marketing efforts as an insurance agent.

Social media is a 21st-century tool that most (if not all) businesses use on a daily basis. It constantly evolves the way that we communicate, work, and function. As an insurance agent, there have been some important developments this year that you should know about. Here are a few you should know to improve your social media efforts.

Google+ has shut down
At the time of writing, Google+ will have been shut down. After a bug caused the data of half a million users to be exposed, they made the announcement the social platform would be eliminated. If you’ve been using Google+ to promote your advisory, make sure you update your links accordingly. Remove Google+ share buttons from your website.

What Instagram users expect
Facebook (who owns Instagram) released a new report that provides insight on what Instagram users expect from brands on the platform. According to research, more people are using Instagram and they are using it more than they used to. The platform is most popular with people under 34, and research revealed they are interested in short and well-targeted content.

LinkedIn hits record high levels
There are more than 610 million professionals interacting on LinkedIn. This is a pretty good reason to join the platform and use it to promote your insurance agency. Since 40 percent of members visit LinkedIn each day and interaction is up more than 60 percent year-on-year, it’s time to take your agency to LinkedIn.

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